How to auto erase background of image

Hello everyone,
I want to create an app that can auto erase background of an image.
I tried with canvas component but can’t get the result.
Please help me

Edited :
I have Images Iike this :point_down:
In above image want only black portion of image. For this I have tried this (:point_down:) method.

In the above method I have taken 2 canvas. An image selected from ImagePicker is used as the background image for Canvas2. Next, by calling the GetBackgroundPixelColor method from Canvas2, if the color taken is black, it is drawn on Canvas1.
But above method not working properly.
Please help me in this

You can use Auto BG Remover API.
Checkout here : Background Removal API –

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This koded app shows how it can be done

Perhaps ask @_Ahmed how he overcame the multipart upload requirement which seems to be the sticking point in using the api.

Sorry, but I want to do it with the help of Canvas.


Can you please tell me that how can I do it

You would have to work up a background remover algorithm from scratch, to identify which pixels should be removed or kept…