How to automatic fetch any public Facebook Page Videos using any method related to API or whatever etc

Hello koders , I am interested on how I can fetch any public Facebook Page Videos using any method be it API or something related to API provided that it solves my problem I will appreciate for the solution anyone will provide.

What I need from that facebook page is only

Title, img, Video ID and published date.

I know this is not an ease task I even from my end have tried to search everywhere on how to do it with Google Sheet scrape and etc etc etc but I have failed very well.

I have real even tried to inspect the cURL Data and tried to create the blocks using but blocks are not working for me.

I have tried even to download the Har.file

but yet that could even not help me much because what I need is to know how I can create the blocks which will auto run the data and fetch all Facebook Page Videos such as Title, image, video ID and published date.

I am hereby asking anyone who is more skilled with a little bit primary guide on how I can achieve this from my end.

I will be happy if there is a way even to do it with some codes like Java-script or PHP etc and host it on my server and make it run after some certain seconds or minutes to find if the data are changed or not, but if I can do it with kodular blocks too without script it will then be simple for other people and I to learn with ease.

Thank you @Taifun and @Stilllearning for your previous responses on the same topic that I would like to be merged to this new one.

Kind regards
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