How to avoid READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE error from Google?

Hello Kodular community, my applications often have to use an external browser, I usually use Chrome custom tabs and click “Use External Browser” in the Webview. But the last few days I got rejected from Google (maybe this is some new update from Google policy). Google will report a violation error: READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (photo attached below).
Can you guys help me how can I open URL in webview without clicking “Use External Browser” in Webview? Or is there a way I can use custom tabs without showing an error like Google reports?

Please show your blocks so that people know what you did. Or, post the AIA of your project here.

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This’s my aia file, my blocks and error from google
readexternalstorage.aia (376.2 KB)


Apparently, WebViewers declare READ permissions. I wonder why.

can i edit and remove READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE?

I am also facing this issue. Why is everyone so shy talk about this???

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@yappser @user01 have you tried with this extension,

let me know if you still get the issue even after using the extension.

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I trying this but dont know how to use external browser to open link in customwebview.
do you have any method for this situation?