How to avoid url to "Open With" my webview App

I’m using CustomwebView in my app and when i click on a link like on Whatsapp chat, when Android open the bottom sheet “Open With” it propose me to open it with my app.


How to avoid that?
How to tell Android this is not an webviewer?
i uncheck “Follow Links” on CustomwebView settings but nothing.


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Turn on DeepLinks

I tested it (uninstall and reinstall), still showing

Just Make A list of all the domains ->

When WebView URL changes
If WebViewer Current URL contains or
then open the url with Activity Starter

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If I understand what you are talking about is not what I’m talking about.
I can not control what Android should do from Whatsapp because is not my App, i would love but no.

What i mean is the user will click a link (any url of any website) from Whatsapp it self, then Android propose to open it with my App because Android think my app is a webviewer probably because i use a webviewer (CustomWebviewer extension) inside.

There is a modified version of the Custom WebView extension that doesn’t add your app in the browser list , you can find it in the GitHub repo:
See also the FAQ section here:

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This is just Awsome!
when I was downloading I had seen the modified version but I had the mood to read more so I took the normal one. that will teach me…

Thanks very much!

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