How to beep qr codes without leaving the screen

I have an application that reads qr delivery codes, today it reads a qr and goes back to the screen, then you have to click again to read another qr, it becomes tiring, I know that there is a way to have a button inside the scanner that it continues with the screen open and scans how many qr codes until you click the close option, and the qr code data is displayed in a list, is it possible to make it an extension in kodular?

You mean a component?

#discuss is a relavent category. So I changed it.

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yes, the barcode scanner, today it only opens with qr, I would like it to look like the examples below.


Today if I want to scan more than one qr code, it keeps coming back to the screen and I have to click the scan button again and this is not cool when you have 30 qr codes to scan.

I would like to insert a loop, where the scanner is active until I click on the inserted packages button, then it closes this scanner screen and returns me with the inserted ids.