How to block superscript on my app?

Hi, koders, does anyone know? :thinking:
I have almost done with an application, this application contains free features and other paid features. for paid features, I want to make it available to the user for one year only, then the user renews the subscription annually
In the profit-making settings in my application in the developer account (Products section), is this annual subscription considered in-app products or a subscription?
Regarding Google’s policies

What is your question? How are we supposed to understand you? Please elaborate more and have a look at :arrow_down:

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You have to store date and month(example: 11/11), year(example: 2021) and device ID to the airtable or firebase then whenever user open the app then call that data. And then you have to check device ID if matched to the mobile id then call year, if not matched then call date and month and if match then open another screen where user have to get subscription and block all things. And else date and month not matched then open another screen or do whatever you want because it means 1 year is not completed.

If worked then please know me and set my post as a solution.
And you have store year(2021) and date month(11/11) separately. Same as above.

Although I was asking about Google’s policies in creating an annual subscription. However, this does not prevent that your method is the correct way to create blocks within the application
Thank you @Tips_and_Tricks_Generator
Google’s developer reviewer has accepted the annual subscription as an (in-app product) :grinning:

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