How to : Bottom Nevigation / Side menu / Tab Layuot & View Pager Direction to right? If you know please help me

How to change: Bottom Nevigation / Side menu / Tab Layuot & View Pager In the right direction ?
Because the apps we make in Arabic. It should be to the right.
If you know please help me

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follow this method…
yesterday there was same topic but topic title was not relevant

but you can use that logic only for tab layout and viewpager…
for side menu you have to try with custom way…
bottom navigation will be easy just based on selection…(but im not sure about this…)

Thanks yes
You answered, but he was the scroll argument Was.


How to set the direction right

Bottom Nevigation

means on screen initialization you want to display last or right most page first… am i right?

This is the goal. When the page opens. His side is on the right. Not like the picture I showed.

That is, when the page opens. Select the Bottom Nevigation right side.

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would you like to send aia?

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hi @mokhlis
use following logic read it carefully…

Thanks Himalayan Tiger
logic worked right. thank you again. :pray: :pray: :pray:
Does logic View Pager View Pager؟

The same is true

Thanks to the right logic

Become a friend of logic (Tab Layuot & View Pager ) To straighten their directions right. :thinking:

yes because on screen initialization if you use select page then it will not work

i’m not sure about selecting tab on screen initialization but if its not work you can follow my logic

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