How to switch bottom navigation from left to right

How to switch bottom navigation from left to right

What you have done so far ?

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What do you mean?

When creating bottom navigation, the first element that is visible to the user is on the left, and I want when creating bottom navigation to be the first element that is activated and clean for the user on the right, like this image

you want home tab as active on right side Correct ?

and also share your blocks part what you have tried

try this block to switch

component_event (4)

How do I use it? Have you already used it?

you can use it 2 ways

By Title

blocks (81)

By Id

blocks (80)

Also Check This

I understand because arabian read from right side :sweat_smile:

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How is there a solution to this problem? I tried the previous solution, but it didn’t work
blocks (81)
blocks (80)

try this when screen.initialize after adding items to bottom navigation
forget to say if you starting id with 0 you must say 2 to select item id

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Thank you for your help, it worked for me

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