How to break the text line

i was creating a file in ASD but text not going on next line

I want the text should be come like this :point_down:

[BackUp Device]

[User DeviceNew]

is there any way to break the line ??? So that text can start from next line

here is my block

here is sample aia file and apk file
readFile.aia (59.6 KB)
readFile.apk (5.4 MB)

Ok I am trying with β€œ/n” and β€œ

(br) will be applicable only for HTML format only so go with /n

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not working

it adding β€œ/n” in text

You have tried directly… better go with one variable in that variable you try to break the line then use the variable value in the file, may be I am wrong. Let we wait

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First of all in order to add line is \n not /n. Second every time you press button1 you read from same file in assets, file.txt and not newfile.txt

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Yeah i was using file manager app to check the file in ASD

thank you so much :relaxed:

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