How to build a big app → APK max. 100 MB or → AAB 150 MB

I’ll try now. Because I add 70 Images to assets and mostly used same image 3-4 times on different component. Now I will change all of one by one. Also I want to do like, I will use low quality image on the app screen(80x80pixel image) and add high quality image with apk editor, so when I use the app for share photos, it should share high quality images. It will work like this, right?

Yes, but there is no need to replace the large images with small ones beforehand, as long as the images are accessed by blocks. These can be completely removed and reinserted after decompiling. That’s all.

It didn’t work. I’ve tried apk and aab and both showed sign error. Also I tried just put 2 images so size won’t be big(around 15-20mb total apk size), but it didn’t work either. I searched solution for signing but couldn’t find. Do you have any idea about it? 1.screenshot for apk, 2. for aab

There is something wrong with your APK regarding minSdkVersion.
Go to your Project Settings and check …

I need the download link of aab signer … please

Find link in this post. It also has a tutorial video link with it.

@bodymindpower, excellent tutorial… Congratulations. It helped me a lot, thanks.