How to build APK with firebase authentication without keystore?

Hey Koders,
I’ve been working on an app that requires phone sign-in method. I’ve watched a few tutorials and got to know that I need some kind of keystore to get SHA-1 value in order to create google-services.json file for my project. I’ve finished my app and am ready to deploy it but this hurdle stops me from doing so. Can you please suggest me how can I build my app for first time without having a keystore and that too along with a phone authentication feature?

You can’t…

Then try with this method suggested by tim ai2


Without SHA-1 fingerprint (keystore) Firebase can’t verify your app.

You do all understand that you only the SHA-1 of your Keystone for Google Authentication, right? You don’t need it for email and password.

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Can I create another app (this one without phone auth) with same name and use it’s keystore to get and use the SHA1 value for the original app?

Please post that image here that you sent me so that others can see what’s the matter

I also faced this problem when i mistakely deleted the keystore :sweat_smile:

However i automatically got it back after some days !!!

You need to build an APK to be able to get keystore.

@Sangam4742 do this as said by @vknow360 make a new project and just make a hello world app and build it

UPDATE: Build successful after using keystore of a dummy app and the phone authentication is working perfectly fine!

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Nice @Sangam4742 You Got Solution after 10 Days​:sweat_smile:

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Actually, I opened Kodular after 10 days! I was quite busy in building my website​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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