How to calc month and year based on child month

on my code the person select how many months the child have , exemple “7 months”

today is January

i want to show “June 2022” its when he born…
someone have some idea to calc this ?

thank you…


Put the months in a spinner or anyhow

After selecting the number of months,
Use clock component to format the date and time in which use add months (in the quantity place use the selected number of month)

Eg. Ref here

im trying this blocks…but i dont know if its totaly ok…

Pls show the blocks in English

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brazilian difficulty


What is your if statement? Click do it and share the result

when click label, find the result and change the label text

I am unable to guess what is your if logic

what is stored in tihe tinydb?

The person select how many months the baby have, like 8 months, the code, calc the period, when click on label, people select on na radio a number 1 —>11 , when select save the number on tinydb…

if your baby have 8 month on january 2023, he born on may from 2022, if he born on december from 2023 , he born some month on 2023…

so the tinydb have only months… write?

it seems when user selects current month of baby then it need to show Birth month and year …

yes…only one month, example : number 8, ive put a notifier radio select, to people select how many month the baby have

yes. exacly…

Like this?

i have used months index in spinner (i.e from 0 to 11)

See now i have selected my baby was just 3month old baby and the result shows my baby birth month as Oct 2022

i will try this here…thank you