How to calculate driving distance?

How to track driving distance , as long as I’m driving and the app is opened.

I’d like to keep track of the distance in km (kilometers) and meters if very slow, and show the total as well or just show the total as long as driving and not standing still .

Is this possible? What blocks should i use to achieve this . (Something with the Location sensor?)

You should use Google distance matrix api with web component


Wow thanks.
Can you give me an example blocks?
If its web component, will i be still able to get the info of the KM (the distance )and save them in firebase or tinyDB.?

Its somehow impossible to get exact results bro but i hope you can use google maps component to do so and there will be some delays in the information.

I cannot provide you blocks but you can learn more if you tried it yourself.

This will help you:

By Diego

yes of course. you can get data whith web component’s “got text” block and use how you want.

this is example how i use it