How to calculate if any textbox is empty?


i want to know, how can count the empty text boxes, out of ten text boxes.

actually i am trying to make an average calculation, there are ten ten boxes, but can not fix, if any text box is empty. how would be calculate then?

Set the default text to 0
or do some Daza validation before calculating: check each textbox and if it is empty, provide a notifier message like “please fill textbox A”


If I understand correctly, this could help


Is This You Solution?

this is a notifier only, cant fix my problem in this way. well thanks for suggestion.

have a nice day.

could you please explain .

full blocks. please.

More about data validation see here


The blocks are complete, if an empty text in the list is detected, it is assigned a value of 0 and the average is calculated, I don’t know what else.

now facing empty string issue

please write the block accordingly.

// Initialize variables
sum = 0
counter = 0

// Calculate sum and count
for each textbox in TextBoxes
if textbox has value
sum = sum + textbox value
counter = counter + 1

// Divide sum by counter
if counter > 0
result = sum / counter
display result in Label
display “No values entered” in Label