How to call each group's airtable data

how to call each group’s airtable data

You can search in community

thanks very much

how to get total row value of each category by product name

Count the length of the id

show block please…thanks

not working…

I think you didn’t ser the post clearly.

You need to save the each colum values into single variable or have to use dictionary method.

As per your block, you are getting total rows number only ,if so how will you check select list item list get global ID??
If you already saved the column ID value in that mean, your blocks are correct

Instead of compare even you can use green logic (equal block) select list **** = Count

help me…how get coloum summary airtable ( rp.23.500.000 )

You can not get group data. Call column Harga and then with a procedure sum all

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ok thanks am try

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Help please…how get count 2 and count 1 how use block

how get count offline (3) and count 1 (online)

how make block…

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