How to call PDF files from firebase in list view

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this video help you

Actually I want to call more files

so upload in the database in firebase

Can u plz make a clear video

very clear video watch this

I don’t want download just want to view the files that’s it

so use firebase storage and activity starter for view pdf

Can u make a video

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Why do so many users from India always want a video? Just try and show the blocks you make. Learning yourself and experimenting is the fun of learning Kodular not simply following a video.


I make the blocks

Actually I am doing project regarding this I try but I did not get so plz help to to complete my project

Your aia made with airtable
PDFBook.aia (68.9 KB)

Only make the this changes upload your api key and base id

Thanks bro

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can you please post the solution if its work

Okay bro I will try and I will post

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Are you try this aia

No I did not got

Instead of saying it did not worked, why don’t you show us your blocks to see what you have done?


Tq kodular finally my app is in playstore

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