How to Call Procedures

Try my method that will work.

Always show 2 screen at a time

On back press invisible all screens and on conditions visible the screen that u want

Please check this aia
How to Call Procedures
And solv backpress

@Mukesh_Rajput i have checked it is working fine



try this

it is working fine

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You don’t understand what i want to say.

See my aia.
Always show 2 screen when backpress

let see this

See this screen shot
And try to screen 4

Use these blocks

blocks - 2020-12-07T191441.052

blocks - 2020-12-07T191445.374

blocks - 2020-12-07T191448.871

There is screen 3 inside screen 2 when we will be in screen 3 and backpressure then there is problem. We can’t take a step back from your block

Im using this for multiple VerticalArrangements(Screens)
Probably isn’t the most eficient mode but works fine


Can you give me aia ?
I want to learn how this block works.

There is:
MultipleScreensBottonNavigation.aia (9.3 KB)
MultipleScreensButtons.aia (3.2 KB)
I make 2 examples, one with botton navigation and one with buttons.
If this help you, please mark as solution


Thank you very well for this.
But the problem is when we backpress it takes us directly to the home screen.
Forgets what screen we were on before.
I want it not to go to the direct home screen but go one step back

Well, you can use a global variable to store the last “screen” that you opened before, and use this to open the last screen when you press back. I can’t do this now in kodular because i need to work.

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I understand i don’t want to bother you.
And I think you can solve my problem only.
I am learning it.
And you have understood my problem correctly, which I was trying to explain for 2 days.
If you solve my problem then I will be grateful to you.

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If after I arrive nobody has given the answer yet I do it for you

In the meantime I would recommend learning the codes


I waiting for edited aia