How to Call Procedures

Please see This Procedure and guide me how to callblocks (25)

Go to procedures and you will find a block for it.
Simpler way is to type on your keyboard -
call procedure.
Make sure to send a value for index too

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I have no idea how select index type
This procedure is control back press button.
Can you clear how to use this ?

First, you need to go to the procedures section of your blocks panel.
In that choose your procedure here it is procedure
in the inputs, there would be a space for index fill that…


Did it solve your problem?

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Not solve can you post screen shot

blocks (13)

See this…


Is this what you want to know?

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But how to control back press for this procedure ?

For screens?

See this post.

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If your doubt is regarding screens then this is the block you should use else if it is regarding different arrangements then the first post itself is the answer to it. :confused:

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Can you make small aia for control backpress to switch another horizontal arrestment. For same screen like screen 1 ?

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Okay, I will do that when am free… :smile:

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Thank you very much

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blocks (14)

See if it works as I have not tested it yet…

Arng_As_Screen.aia (2.4 KB)


hi @Kshitij
i have try to this method but not working.
see block.
blocks (4)
and i have try to provided aia but not working.
see aia .
Arng_As_Screen.aia (4.8 KB)

Why u have not tried with @Kshitij blocks

We have try but i am beginner so please find my aia and solve back press.
I have use screen_Screen

What is the problem in back press