Screen Confusion... Which one to use and why

I have a vexing question about the use of these two options


Understandibly, the close screen closes the current screen and takes one back to the calling screen. That much is clear.

but say the screen you want to go to is NOT the calling screen and you open another screen. Doesnt that leave a whole pile of screens (tabs)open which should infact be CLOSED?



Good question. The Calling/First screen doesnt close until you close it. When you open another screen, close the previous one at the same time

Try like this



tat would be nice, if you could but you CANNOT

It doesnt accept both???

Pls ref the 3rd post. Both blocks will not accept at a time. But we can do it in procedure. Try the procedure given in the above link

Sorry Dora, io dont understand


I know how to call procedures - no problem

so when I want to change screens I call the close_screen procedure. Ok so far

but where is the block you use with the place for the “result”

and what calls the smaller close_screen and why both?



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there goes Dora, Making her own blocks. Brilliant

never in a million years would I ever have thought to do that :grinning:

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Put this procedure and screen name in
When. BtCancel click

where is this “GET” block


Click the mutator :gear: and add add input

Thanks, silly me :slight_smile:

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yes, did that but the red block, I cant find it anywhere?

DONE :slight_smile:

oops Sorry got it

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Now I get it.

Guess a there are a LOT of apps out there with millions of open screens :slight_smile:

Thanks Dora, you are too kind! :slight_smile:


No so fast…

What if you need to send a START_VALUE to the new screen?

Modify procedure

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Thank you so VERY VERY MUCH

What would I do without you???


(PS. Im keeping those blocks in my “backpack”, FOREVER)

but you do realise what this means… Ive got to go though the entire app and change EVERYTHING, AGAIN??? :-((

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