Screen Confusion... Which one to use and why

If you do with procedure then you will less pressure

yes, the app is coming out to around 30 screens and each screen calls another screens, so EVERYTHING AGAIN!

Dora, you will be proud of me…

May be you will feel trouble after compiling app or during compiling or while opening the app. Sorry to say this.

(PS:If nothing happened as i said above then you are lucky)

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you might want to follow tip 1



Thanks for that.

Unfortunatly I didnt begin that way som stuck with what I have… :frowning:

Can you imagine using one screen to handle the equivalent of 30 screens. Finding stuff will be an absolute nightmare… unless you have vays undt means, ja?

but provided one closes and opens every screen properly I can see no reason for any “memory” problems.

That is of course if the Kodular method of closing a screen has been well coded as to flush not simply close a screen

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