How to back press in one screen for all screen?

I wanna to create back press in one screen for multiple screen. I have connect all screen into one screen for open data. But when i back press from urlscreen it go back home screen(screen1). But i wanna when i back press from urlscreen it go to those screen where i pic data. How do it?

I’m such case while sending the values from screen one to another screen along with start value also send the screen name… using make a list block… (first item value , second item screen name)

So that on back pressing, go to the screen name present in the second item of start value.

(Open screen - Select list item list get start value index 2)

Any topic available here with blocks about it. i didnt understand because i am new dont know more about it.

for open screen given below
it is correct or not?

Let me see if I understand you correctly: You want the user to be taken back to the screen they came from?

If so, use tinyDB to store the screen before moving onto a next screen. Then use that tinyDB value to select the screen.

Also, I’m not sure what you are trying to do, but I would recommend looking into using vertical arrangements instead of multiple screens.

How can i use it?

Whenever you open a new screen, save the current screen name in the Tinydb. Then when back pressed, use an if elif block to check which screen name is saved and open that screen.

Regarding using vertical arrangements as screens, see tip 1 here:

else try like this, (based on the overall conversation it is clears that you are moving from parent screen to url screen then on back press in url screen, you want to move from urlscreen to parent screen

use this block except url screen

use this block in url screen

I am using this block already how can i use it again. I am trying to find solution hardly but i didn’t where i do fault.

this my aia file
testapp.aia (59.9 KB)

testapp.aia (60.3 KB)
In both screen

In url screen screen

I didn’t test it but i m sure this will work for you

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You have solved my another problem . Thank you very much

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