How to Reinitialize Screen When Back Pressed

How to Reinitialize Screen When Back Pressed
i want to initialize screen when user pressd Back

Hope this :point_down: reply of mine in an another topic help you


Do you need to update data on a screen? Use the Tainful Refresh extension

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Thanks Everyone.
@imancol no now i just want to reinitialize screen. & Youe suggestion is good it can be used in other project.

You can use the block
When back press
Then: open another screen screen name: ( Your current screen)

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I do not think it is possible to reinitialize the screen, because if there is no screen open the application is closed. If it is Screen1 you can restart the App, I think it can be done in Kodular, I do not know … but if it’s another screen, I do not know the truth

The Back Pressed event only detects whether the back button of the device is pressed or not, and doesn’t actually takes the application to previous state. So logically, it is possible to reinitialize the application with this method.

Or you can put all your screen intialize block in a procedure and then call that procedure on screen initialise and screen back press event


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