How to change accent on TTS

hi all, i need some help here.
i was make a simple TTS apps, and i want everyone use this app can learn accent from different country. i have try some block method but always failed, this is last block i used


I think, in set Text_To_Speech. Language block, you should use language code instead of whole language name.
Upon a little search I found this :point_down:
Language Support for the Phrase-Based Machine Translation Model

Hope it helps you. :+1:

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thanks for this one, i will try it. i hope this work,

i have try to chage country code using this reference, but still not work,

I simply tried this :point_down: and is working for me!


but in my case i want add this on spinner, for english language its working, but not for other language

can you please provide an aia?

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i wil try soon if possible,

Ok. And I think for some languages the accent doesn’t seem to differ much. The major difference is seen when we try languages like Russian, Korean, Japanese etc

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