How to Change Custom Dialog Placement or Make A Not Cancellable Bottomsheet

Is there any way we can change the placement of the custom dialog?

I want it to show just like a custom bottom sheet but not cancelable just like a custom dialog.
Is there anyway we can make a bottom sheet not cancelable?
Is it possible to disable touch on certain components/layouts?

on my project that I’m working on, I have this countdown which when started, the user can not touch the screen except for the dialog which shows the countdown and buttons inside the dialog. I want the dialog box with the countdown to appear above other elements behind it like a pop-up but on the bottom part of the screen.

Show what you have tried…

there’s nothing I can really show unless I show you just blocks of showing custom dialog (notifier). That’s all I’ve got since there’s no option for “cancelable” and stuff

bottom sheet
Sometimes you just gotta have to be your own hero :laughing:

So, since what I want is a “not cancellable bottomsheet” while the countown hasn’t finished. I figured I use the event to detect that if the dialog is closed BUT I made a condition where in if that condition hasn’t been met (countdown in my case) the dialog will just pop up back.

in short, not cancelable bottomsheet :slight_smile:

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