How to Change Screen Order

How can I Change the order of screens while making app ?
Example: suppose there are three screens scr1, scr2, scr3. I want to make scren scr3 first. order like scr3, scr2, scr1.

You can not.

Screen 1 is always default screen.

You can open screen2 when screen1 initialize but not directly open screen2 or any other.

Also you can change default screen by editing your aia file.

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add the 10 ms clock and when screen inti. then forword it to newxt screen that you like as a first screen

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Thanks :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Are you sure about that.

It’s true, you can’t go directly to screen2 without screen1 :wink:

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Sure you can, if you know how and if you are willing to manipulate your apk.

Fair enough :eye::lips::eye:

Yes in case within the Kodular creator, but there are ways to change the screen sequence by editing the aia file, as I already said here

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