How to change target SDK 30 to 31

  1. Export the APK.
  2. Open APK Editor Studio.
  3. Edit the Manifest and add android:exported="true"
    to each <activity ... > and <receiver ... > .
  4. Set targetSdkVersion = 31 .
  5. Go to Tools - Key Manager, use kodular default key.
  6. Save the APK.
  7. convert the APK to AAB with APK to AAB Converter.
  8. Sign the AAB file with Zipsigner
  9. Upload AAB to Google Play Console.



Putting exported to true is not preferable as it allows to open any of your activities from outside your app.

Hello there,
But, if we do not put that, there will be an error message at Play Console expressing that such thing do not exists, and therefore the AAB cannot be uploaded.

Hi, Sony!

I used to follow that guide, but I’ve got an error when I convert the APK to AAB.
I used many converters app but none are giving me the AAB, one app said that the size is invalid

I also tried the converter on my laptop (Windows version) but there is nothing going on and it kept saying “Please wait” and there seems to be a fail attempt, too.

What might be the proper solution for this.
Thank you.

yes but that is the only way for me, i got the instruction from the mod in MIT community

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Ok then let it be used.