How to change the App Title according to the language device?


I’m traslating my app’s but I can’t found how to translate the title of the app, that what you can see in your mobile screen (App name under the icon screen).

Please if someone knows tell me! I searched in the forum but I can’t found it.

Thanks community :slight_smile:

You can use this procedure described here with this block


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You mean name under the icon on screen


Thanks dora_paz but with that block I’m only changing the title in the screen but not the name app, I think that with this method I can’t.

How Boban said, I want to change the name under the icon on screen.

Sorry if I explained bad, my english it’s not so high.

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Maybe this can help also

Thanks for your answers. I’m watching it but it’s a complex method, I will try.

There is not a more simple way to do it with blocks or strings.json?

Thanks for all your help!

Unfortunately not!

It looks harder than what it is.

Since the topic I linked to died out and there was no more interest in it I forgot to show how…

If you find the time , could you show us the way ? :slight_smile:


Sorry I forgot about the thread but I am still interested in knowing the method. If you feel like it, I’ll be happy to read it. Thank you very much to all of you who responded :smiley:

I was on my way to put it on my website but had issues with it and thereby I gave up, the guide will be there as soon I fix my site…

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