How to change the position of dynamic button

I create a dynamic card view and i get data from airtable

The button look like this :point_down:

But l want to change position of this Download Button

I want the position like this :point_down:

This photo is edited by me​:point_up:t2: :sunglasses::joy:

I try Many time but non thing happen

I only want to change the position of Download Button

Please help me

Thank you!!!

Try to make a horizontal arng and add it in that.

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If I add horizontal arng then my file text is not visible

See this.
It is by @themaayur

I am not making AIA store but Yes I need this format
How to connect with dynamic card view

Even I know you are not making AIA store but the format is same as you asked for… :sweat_smile:

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Use horizontal arrangement and play with alignment and width of Components, and you will get what you need :wink:

Also refer this guide :smiley:

I guess you got your answer. :smile:

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Can you tell simple way I will show my blocks

I am sure try this :100: :point_down:

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As simple as this :point_up_2:

Here in Community, you will not get Direct solution/block for your need. Just refer the guides and Suggestion by users and make yours as needed.

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hello @Maxtern
Try this extension by @Mohamed_Tamer

It has nothing to do with their issue/query :slightly_smiling_face: