How to change the Z-index of Overshoot-Animation Utilities


Is there a way to change the Z-index of components when you overshoot them?
I did’t find anything about this subject on the forum so i started a new post.

Simple answer no.

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It is possible but tricky… Because you have to manage layout which will be in front or which will be in back…

Sorry to say but that’s possible…

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Just follow below tips…
The arrangement which you want at back will be at top in designer part(means when koding)… and the content which you want to place in front will be at below…
And so on


Thankyou! It works. I hope there will be a option to change the Z-index in the future of kodular.

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thanks :heart: :heart:

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Would that be visible true and false? :thinking:

Visibility will be true…

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Yes, at one time true and another false, simulating … z-index ok ? :grin:

Not like that…

Or may be I’m not getting the question…

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