How to change Typefaces in CustomDialog (Notifier Component)

Hello Koders,

I have a question that might have others, too. Also, I did’t find any thing about this on the Community, so I made this topic.

My issue: I have a WebViewer in a CustomDialog (Notifier), and there is always the default Font Typeface for the Cancel button. I wanted to know if there is a way to change the font of this Button (would be good if possible programmatically).

If it’s not possible, pls write, then i will delete this topic. Thx in advantage.


PS: Another question could also be the changings of the Title Typeface…

PPS: I do not want to use any extension for this. :wink:

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Interesting question. I don’t know how to do it. Actually I think it can’t be done. But if it is not possible I think you shouldn’t delete your topic. If others have the same doubt they will find out here if it is possible or not.

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Hmm. If that’s true, then I will have to completely rethink my app. Are you sure? Oh wait, you

like me.

Ok, I’ll just wait. :innocent:

Did you try these :point_down: blocks? :thinking:

Make a custom dialog. It’s prettier.

He is using Custom Dialog so that the button typefaces cannot be changed by these two blocks. I think is is meaningless. :grimacing:

What do you mean? He is already using a custom dialog

Are you using this @Yoshi?


Yes, exactly, @ontstudios . I also cannot change the bg-color of the Notifier. It seems to be always gray. (I want it black).

Here’s the Screenshot (Companion, but in the .APK it changes only the color of the button):

I would want another Typeface for the button and also the color completely black so there is nothing changed between Notifier and WebViewer (html file is in the assets, Another thx to @Mateja! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ) :thinking:

My properties in the Designer:

You can see that I have set the Typeface import to Nunito-Extra-Bol.ttf and it works perfectly on every other component. That’s why I think it’s from the Notifier.

Notifier bg will be depend on light and and dark mode only.
Check notifier properties in designer for light mode.
For black make vertical arrangement and set height and width to fill parent and black bg color.
Note don’t use rounded corner, then it show grey color of notifier

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Thank you very much, @ShaikhSajidAli!

One question: does this only work on .APK or also in Companion? Thx


I think on both

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I am checking…

Sorry but this

Doesn’t seem to work. I unchecked use card and use round card (of course also unchecked Light Theme in Notifier).


There is just this small black space between Notifier grey and WebViewer black. (I was actually suspecting this :pensive:)

PS: Sorry for my bad handwriting. :wink: :shushing_face:

Try to set button text, cancel button text to empty string, cancelable to true and make custom close button.
You are talking about grey colour top and bottom where TUSHUNDUM Button i think the. Try to do this

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First, I didn’t understand this very well

And second, This method gave a little success, but there is still the top grey field.

Can I fix this? Or is it impossible?

Thank you all guys, my problem is now fixed. I also made a Button like “TUSHUNDIM” (now “YOPISH”) at hthe top, for a title.

See the working Pic:

Again thank you all who helped me by writing here. :kissing_heart: :hugs:

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Yes this is what i am explaining.

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