How to check active users in my app

Hello friends I want to check how many members are using my app is it possible to check live active users

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I think this is very simple.
I mean you can try this method:-

1.When screen initializes get live users ( let set here 0 ).
2.When got live users then set live user( a variable ) to got value.
3.Now store live users value as live user + 1.
If you find any problem then reply me.

you can do what @vknow360 said but you can also try integrating OneSignal Notifications to your app, it then on One Signal Dashboard you will be able to see Active Users, Engaged Users, Users who have uinstalled the app, which user has which version installed and much more


Bro can you provide the screenshot of blocks that will be helpful :heart:

no bro it will not work as first of all you have given plotting only and we have to make 2 app for this.

You can also try Firebase Analytics Service for that.
It is free!

I am asking about live users not active users

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Can you show the blogs

Hello @vishwanathreddy678

Here :point_down: is the link which might help you :slightly_smiling_face:


What do you mean by live users? I can not understand this.
I think that you want to know how many users are using app at current time.
You should try this:-

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Bro it will only work if user closes app with button.
I don’t think its perfect way.

Yes you said right.
So now we need a block ’ when application closed ’ which notifies that app is being closed.
You should make a new topic and suggest Kodular team for that.:ok_hand:

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No bro, According to me and my koding(on kodular) we don’t need when application closed block.
I am not making that blocks aia as i am busy in koding my upcoming app Mr.Movies.

Ok.I know you are right.
But here a question arises that how to know that
‘Bro it will only work if user closes app with button.
I don’t think its perfect way.’ by you.

i mean that if a user closes app with button then it work.
and Nowaday person likes to close app directly.

Yes you are somehow right.
But we have not essential blocks so that is not possible at this time.

No Bro I have that blocks but these days i don’t have as i am busy in making an upcoming App. " Mr.Movies "

Bro for Everyone his/her app is important.
I’ll try to make it asap

Can you share the AIA FILE

The easiest and efficient way is to use Google analytics