How to check for URL in app?

I wish my app to check for a url on web, in case it is not found, then i wish to open new screen. I need blocks for same.

For this, you can use the Web component, but it will require active internet connection, and the URL (if exists) must be valid in your region.

blocks (5)


Thanks for your prompt response, but its not working for me. my app is normally loading screen 1.

Remember to set THE_URL to your URL.

Yes, i did same only

why have you taken response code as 200 only? i didnt found such number in description of web component

i made some changes in blocks to get the work done, however, still issue persists

blocks (5)
blocks (4)
blocks (3)

where or when this procedure executes?


it is missing in screen inti…

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Don’t put them inside a procedure. Put them where you use them.

I have a question like this can you help me?

Issue resolved upon find direct component. Moderator please close this thread