How to check how many arrangements are in an arrangement

I made an app and in this app when you click on a video it shows the video source, views and other things same as an arrangement for comments, and I don’t know how to clean it. What I mean is when I open another video in the app the comments stay which means you see comments from both videos I want only the comments for the video you clicked to stay visible (comments with the same videoID which I can check for). Does anybody know how to check each comment (horizontal arrangement) if they got the id of the video and if not hide and delete them?

Use the block for each item, it will solve your issue. I gave hint, keep developing it.

Another hint, if item = video id, make visible same id horizontal id and clears others

Thanks for your reply, I just went the easy way which is that it adds the comment id to the list and when you open a video for each item in list it deletes it and then loads the comments which are meant to be loaded. Everything works except the deleting, I get an error that says “Property setter was expecting a component but got a FString instead.”


Remove id now works but I still have to make it invisible which doesn’t work for some reason, the component I want to make invisible is a Horizontal Arrangement, I tried doing something like that but it doesn’t work.
(commentID is the full id of the component)

and this is the error that I get:

See the error it needs the component, it means you need to use the proper main block like when any xxxx is clicked like. Use the last part of the block Any component

Why can’t I just use the get component block from dynamic components extension, it returns the component. Thanks for the reply tho! I’m not quite sure how would I make it work but i’ll give it a try.