How to check if an image file exists on website?

Hello everyone,
I tested more options, but nothing worked. I need to find out if an image file exists on two servers and if it does not exist it will use a local image.

I tested TaifunFile, FileTools.

Why You Are Not Checking It Using Webviewer ? If You Run Link On Web If It’s Not Exisit The Title Will Be Return As 404

For one file maybe but I need to test about 20 and from two places.
Or I don’t know how to do it.

Why not just use the local image…?
The extensions you are trying can probably only test for local files

I know it’s for local files. That’s why I’m looking for an option for files from the web.
There are about 500 images that will be assigned according to the criteria in the list and the images may change.

As suggested, the web component will return a code if the image is not there (you will be expecting a 200 if the image is there)

Will it work to bounce off the procedure and then return to it with the result?

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