How to check if somebody has click on AdMob Banner Ad

How to check if somebody has click on AdMob Banner Ad because I don’t want to have Invalid Traffic or Activity on My AdMob Account ;(

OK, before I take you to the solution can you please share what are you thinking to do when a click-bomber detected?

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I want to hide his Ads to he can never clicks on ad ever again

I want to keep my account secure

Do you know how to hide ads from a particular user?


Thanks for reply. Just a small correction on your code, when network is connected **and** clicked value is 0 , then call ad.

Please wait a moment while I post the solution blocks.

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Oh sorry, let me update it
My app has like 20 active users, so thought to just a little banner ad.

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Just change or to and in the green block.

Thank you so much!

I have updated it. Thanks

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You can simply store true or false instead of 0 and 1.
Then you don’t need to compare TinyDB with 0, simply but the tinyDB get value block in the and block

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