How to check if there are duplicate numbers in the array

How do I distinguish and calculate the rank of the numbers in the array. For example, 1234 has different numbers in each position, so it is regarded as 1 group. But if they have repeated occurrences, such as 1123, then it should be 12 groups if calculated according to the rank. Different arrays, I would like to ask everyone, if this is the case, how can I accurately know if there are any numbers in these arrays that are repeated?

What will be groups for number like 2429 ?
Also you will have to use

are you talking about lists?
just write your own procedure to find it out…


It is not a list, but a set of numbers in the input box. I try to decompose the array and append it to the list to check the list character by character == I don’t know why each result returned is 0

I searched in various communities for a whole day, but I just ignored this place and did not look for it. May I ask everyone, are these pieces what I need, I have not used them, how to use

you might want to write your own custom procedure
whast about trying something and if you got stuck, post a screenshot of your relevant blocks?