How to check that textbox contains spaces?

Hi koders, I want to know that how can I check textbox that it contains spaces??, I have searched in the community and I got a topic, that to check if textbox contains only spaces, but just i want to check that textbox contains spaces or not, can anyone help me.

What tried is not working



Solution Here…

I think I already paste the blocks to check space…

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From your blocks you are checking if a text box text contains text box text.lowercase()…What?


just i want to check spaces in textboxes

I have tried this, but its not working

Add a space in the string.

How can I do it??

Wdym how?
Write a space here:


I want to test it little more, it seems to be working.

Thanks Alapjeet Singh and ONT studios, I don’t know to whom to tick the solution, Thanks

Obviously to


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