How to check the entered value is exist in our database tags-list

I have these tags

I want to check that is “entered value” exist in our tag list ?

In other words, I want to check “the entered value by user” is existing in out database tag list (if yes then print TRUE)
How can I do it? Please give me logic with blocks
(if not understand, reply this mag or more clarification) :heart::heart:

First Call All Volue Or Data Is Variable

then Use Is thing in List Blocks


And Then Use If then Blocks

is in list?


Read This

If thing is one of the elements of the list, returns true; otherwise, returns false. Note that if a list contains sublists,
the members of the sublists are not themselves members of the list.

For example, the members of the list (1 2 (3 4)) are 1, 2, and the list (3 4); 3 and 4 are not themselves members of the list.

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