How to Checked multiple Checkbox?

This Checked Block does not work.

And this is not a question


Ok! Please Help me.

You think you provided enough information? You didn’t.


The checked block does work, in fact I tested it and it returns true when all are checked and false when one of them or all are unchecked using this code…

Please don’t share false information unless you can clarify what you mean. What you’re doing with the blocks you have, is checking if all of them are unchecked or checked, not just checking if one is checked or unchecked.

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Block part 1 (if Then) Working, but Block Part 2 (Else if then) Not Woarking.

Switch the sequence of the statements

Your blocks do not work, because the first if statement already is true, so the second will not be checked…



I want to create a Random text generator app. can it possible Another way?


Sorry, but I do not have time to write the blocks for you …
See it as a private daily challenge for you…


If you have time, please write me the block. I’ll be waiting for you, if you don’t help, then who else will we help? Please sir…!

Do the tutorials to learn the basics


I have Done Basic Code. Please Write me the block else if Segment.

i have created my app similar, sending you pm , just for learning,

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Please Give me aia link.

I have sent you pm

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Thank you very mutch.

Post screenshot here so we can learn

I will post screen shots in evening when i turn on my pc, or @razubd250 will post

It’s Not Working properly, I checked 3 checkboxes But Some time Number Checkbox can’t Generate. only 1 and 2 (Small And Capital) Checked Working.

For me all is working i have tested it and approved from my client , let me check again for you