How to clear Tinydb when app directly update from playstore?

If i get data from csv file and save it on tinydb to get fastest response in future so i don’t need to call data from csv again and again…
But if i send update and make changes in csv and want to change data of tinydb also than i need when user click on update button than clear tiny db and update the app .
After update the app will call csv data again and save it on tinydb.
But in another case if user update app directly from play store than how i can clear tiny db.
Is there any solution ???

then compare the app version… If it detects old version then clear all in screen initi

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is it also for offline app ?

Yes… no need of internet.

When screen init call the version saved in tinydb

If this version number equal to current version
Then dont do anything
Else clear the thing db tag
Save the current version in tinydb

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