How to close another application

how can I close another application from my own (I know the package name)?
maybe using ActivityStarter, but I haven’t found a way

Maybe it is me alone who don’t get you clear.

You want to close another app using your own app right?

Ok, let us say you want to close facebook app using your own app isn’t it!

See now, at the moment your app is opened all othe apps are closed, so do you want to close something which is already closed?:rofl:

That is why I don’t get you clear maybe you need something else and not to close the facebook app using your own app.

But I am thinking one thing which is a suspect and bad imagination. I do imagine that you want to close other apps when your app is not opened, then you want to run your app in the background and use a clock to close other apps.

if so, that is very bad because you want to disturb users to not be able to use other apps and only yours, if I find a such app that closes my other apps in the background I will surely uninstall that app from my phone.

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too much text and a fictional scenario :slight_smile: I want to know if there is a way to close another app from my app (without background activity). and how to actually do it.

This is the answer


I created this type of extension for someone.

It will close/kill any running app from your app.

For example: WhatsApp app is killed programmatically and it automatically return to your app in shown video.

You can close/Kill any app by package name.

Pm me for extension.

It’s not bad to close other apps, it helps to free up the device ram and increase device performance.


I am speechless

@Lily You haven’t used any device utility tool?

For example:
All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner – Apps on Google Play

this application also kills/close other app and also it can clear data the other app.

It’s not true, some apps run in the background after closing them from the recents list without your knowledge. it consumes memory and decrease device performance.

Whatever if the app service required by user or system. the killed/closed application service can re-run.

no one will force you to use his app only, you can use other app any time.

So yes Facebook app is killed/closed now. if user wants to use Facebook app, then the user can open the app again and the service will start again.

I guess, you understand “close another application” means removing open apps from recents list.

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maybe he means close any other app from running in background like some speed booster app do

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