How to code for facebook ads

I had made an app which was about a welfare scheme details.I have to know how to code for facebook ads and as well as admob ads.
Here is my coding:

please help me and tell me how to code for facebook ads and admob ads.

showing AD when back pressed is Frustating.

Bad User Experience.

I think you need to show ad in the addLoaded event.

what I can’t understand

I think this may work

Can you please tell me how to code for admob ads.

Same method.

but it is not showing ads
it showing ads after 2 minutes since screen opened

Loading AD takes time.

Is there any solution for that

i mean can we make ads to load quick.


it will load itself (taking it’s time).

is it worked for you?

do you know how to set amazon ads in apps

It should work.Did you tried it?

That isn’t related with this topic.

It looks like you are trying a lot of different ads. And you go from facebook to admob to amazon. So you are going off-topic. Are you by any change making an earning app? There are plenty of topics about ads on the community. Maybe search yourself first.

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Suggestion: I don’t know about others but I won’t download a welfare scheme app only to see ads.