How to combine web post file and post tex

hi, i really need help. i want to send my data to mysql database.
with this block, it sends me two times of data. how can i avoid it? i need the image.picture will send the same time as post text.

please help me.

As I understand it , it is creating 2 records : one with the image and one without the image.
Does your API not provide how parameters should be sent?
Update ?
Blob Field Type ?

PostFile and PostText will make HTTP POST requests independently.

yes, it creates 2 records. my field type are varchar which contant the picture filename. the picture wil be kept on the specific files. did you have any idea how this can be done?

One task is to record the filename. ( you said it is varchar )
Another task is to upload the file.

I only need it in one task. In one row i will insert all text field included the image picture. However, i can’t do it as the block that i’ve made separated the image and text fields. Please help me.strong text

I have the same problem, have searched for keywords but nothing has solved the problem

you only can send text OR an image, but noth both at the same time
the web component does not support multipart/formdata