How to compare dates in format 12 Jun 2021

I have searched for it before but I did not found anything

I want to compare dates like is it before or after a specific date but the problem is that how can I compare dates in format 12 jun 2021.
Please help

you can use clock-component. If this date format is not supported, you must transform it by an self-written algorithm. “split text …, at …”- and/or “replace all text …, segment …, replacement”-blocks should help. :blush:

Thanks for reply,
But if it has to be done by splitting, replacing, etc…
then it would be classic,
Isn’t there an easy way?

Doing that isnt that hard. I think its actually pretty easy, but no I dont think there is another (easier) way to do this.

Try this, using DateTools extension by @vknow360


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Use this block to creat format

To compare, you can use this block


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I had posted a ques in the extension page that this block for me, is retruning false for your given block

This might work
Thanks for ur efforts,
Thanks a lot

It means your input may be some mistake. Date format should be as shown by @dora_paz . Also she posted along with debug value as true. If false mean chk up your input.

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It was my fault.
I must use dd MMM yyyy
Thank u all

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Insted of d MMM yyyy, can I use dd MMM yyyy?
Because I want date in 2 digits format

Pls visit here to see all acceptable date format in our kodular app

How do you optain date ? From date picker ? Database ? User ?

Its obtained from airtable as string in the format we are discussing

You can do it like this, creating a procedure…

My airtable


Checking values from airtable


Thanks for your valuable support…

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