How to connect kodular via usb with bluestacks

can someone help me to connect kodular via usb with bluestack5

@Musa_Bukhari Refer to this


And this is the link to check that if starter is working or not

Thanks for your responding but i said “How to connect Kodular via usb with Bluestacks”

As you can see there is only a option to connect smartphone so I my view it’s not possible for BlueStacks

Why you want to connect via usb ? Install companion in bluestacks, open it, from creator choose test → connect to companion, get code and then put it in companion


Maybe in the bluestacks settings you can turn on ADB. Btw what’s your bluestacks version?


Go to Settings ->Advanced → Enable Android Debug Bridge. What do you want to achieve ?

Well Bluestacks 5 uses ADB port 5555 So How to use Bluestacks as emulator in Android studio. - I found the link. WARNING This link is not from kodular.

May I ask again why won’t you use companion on bluestacks ?
No usd, no adb needed

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Because I need real-time changes and via USB is really fast

Thanks it worked
When i change adb reading port to 5555 it connects with bluestacks and also connects with kodular viausb with bluestacks5

K congrats

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