How to connect spinner with textbox?

My first question is

  1. How to get all Country Names in Spinner?
  2. I have 1 spinner & 1 textbox, I want to do when user select country from spinner the country code of selected country will be written automatically in textbox. So how to do this?
    Please help me

Use After Selection block from spinner.

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Can you show whole blocks please

Sure. Wait a moment.

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Here it is:



Note: Spinner has the same elements as the dictionary keys.

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But if i will use this method it takes too much time because i need for all countries.

Then you can try fatching country names from other sources.

Use this json list into your app and use dictionary method to get all the countries into a list and show into the spinner elements.

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Can you show blocks, I am new here

You should try things for yourself instead of asking for ready made blocks.

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@deanart2012 Can I hire anyone for blocks?

Yes you can hire someone. Make a post detailing exactly what you need and how much you will pay.