How to convert HTML, CSS & JavaScript to Apk.?

I have a project with HTML CSS & Javascript. and I want to convert this project file into Apk. If you have any idea, So please tell me. :pray: :pray:

You can use webview I guess

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Ok, but how to set up block and load CSS and Javascript files.

In the html add

<style>your css code</style>
<script>your js code</script>

And just load the html in webview


Sorry, but this is not working. I have two CSS files and four javascript files… 1st CSS file is loaded to HTML and 2nd CSS file is loaded to javascript. and I want to make a game

One thing I guess you can do convert your files into a website and load the website in webview

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You can host your code on

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Yes! Like as this

I have already a paid shared hosting plan. but my hosting is not supported to Node.Js App… So my files are not run on my hosting.

Maybe you can try someother hosting

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This hosting is support Node.Js App.? Actually, I want to run my game offline

Can you have any idea.? How to load HTML, CSS & Javascript using webview or asset to folder. without any hosting

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you can add your html, css & js files into asset folder and load it into webviewer

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Yes!! But how to load CSS & Javascript in webviewer? Please Show Blocks :pray: :pray:

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