How to convert Image to base64 and reverse?

Is there a way to do such thing?
I did a bit of research and found 2 extensions, but both of them returned a huge error message when I connected to the companion.

Does anyone know what do I have to do for this to work?
It is just an experimental app, with nothing exciting going on. I just want to solve this problem to go on with my project.

And did it happen too as apk?

extensions do not work in the companion app currently


That should be no problem after the update few hours ago.

Some issues still exist in the apk but I’m not quite sure if it is because of the app or because of the gallery app pre-installed on my phone

Let me test it and I’ll let you know if the problems still exist

And are extensions now working for you?


Yeah I believe they are working just fine. Now I have another question :sweat_smile:. Should I create a new thread or is it okay if I ask here? It’s about the image picker this time.

Create a new topic for that.
I close this topic here now.

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