How to convert number to string? 🤔

Hello everyone!
Do you know how to convert a number to a string form?
I need it because I get this error:
method argument 1 has type java.lang.String, got gnu.math.IntNum

just add number text to string

can u give blocks for reference and better answer

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May be it work
Take a label and make its Visibility false now store that number to that label and from that label take the label.text as input for that value

With what block?

the block i have used to store value to tiny db use that block

did this help u


Not exactly :sweat_smile:
I finally done it with other type of variable (Setting the variable to “Get Number”)
Thanks anywhere!! :blue_heart:

That’s the error from the dynamic component extension. Have you updated the extension? This problem is fixed in the last update if I didn’t remember wrongly.

Btw, I have never had this problem when I use a number

I’ve the last version…

Turns out this bug still exist. @yusufcihan have a look.

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Use Any Component blocks to set component properties please, use Set/Get Property blocks only when there is no Setter / Getter block for the components.


I mostly follow this, not because of any error, but I am too lazy to find the designer properties and then pass them in the set property of the extension. :sweat_smile:

I only use the extension’s set property when the required property isn’t available in native any component block :grin:


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Oh God,
Destroy Me.

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