How to convert string to a int using ASCII code?

I want to convert a string to int? More precisely I want to convert a 4 char long string to a 32 bit uint based on the characters ASCII code and their place in the string.
For example here is a random string: ‘=G+o’ . The int should be the following: 0x3D472B6F .

com.AK_tech.TextToAscii.aix (5.5 KB)
pls try this but instead of taking 4 characters at once it can only take one at once

Thanks for your reply! I will try it. Could you share the java code? Than maybe I can extend to convert all the input chars.

did you already publish this extension?
it would make more sense to post a link to the published extension, which usually provides also some documentation…


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i could share but can you test it first i am not sure if it works

well i just made this extension for fun as he wanted it

I tested it and its working! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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